The forgotten snow dust…


I miss the time that has gone past
Leaving me in this ‘present’
Knowing none bout the future
Lost and helpless

I hate the time that bring me to this ‘present’
I love the ‘past’ that has gone by
I’m afraid of the ‘future’ that can never be known

If I chose a path in this ‘present’,
Will i fell down in the ‘future’?
Will someone from the ‘past’ help me?
Will anyone help me?

I don’t know
I think I’ll never know
And I don’t want to know

I’m always afraid of knowing the truth
Knowing the cruelity of the world
Knowing that the world can never be fair

I’m afraid
I don’t want to fall into the darkness again
But living in the light will just make me suffer more

Will I survive this live?
Can I survive this live?

I hope . . .



Just some useless thought that got into mind ^^a


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