The forgotten snow dust…


“How about happiness?” she asked suddenly.

Her word made my body stop moving, I just silently looked at her with a pair of dazed eyes.

“Have you ever try it?”

The truth is, I even never think about that one, happiness, somehow it sounded like something so far for me, something I couldn’t easily reach. I shrugged my shoulder and continue to walk without saying a word.

“Oh, come on. You know you don’t need to always keep your mouth shut when you’re with me,” she ran to catch me, her clumsy steps echoed through the corridor.

I still say nothing. When we had arrived to the entrance, I slowed myself to wait for her while spending some times looking at the gloomy sky. It’s not even 4 o’clock yet but it’s already this dark…

“It’s gonna rain, huh?” she said again, I nodded, “I wonder if I bring my umbrella.”
She sat down on the nearest bench and rummaged her giant tote bag, which made me sighed hard.
If she started to do that, it won’t be finished even after you have done reading today’s newspaper.

The raindrops started to make their beautiful orchestra, scattering their lovely fragrance. I took a glance to the girl who had not yet finished diving in her bag and decided that both of us will be trapped here forever if I’m going to wait for her.

I took my jacket off and throw it to her, who suddenly jumped with a panic face. I then put my plastic map on my head and started to run through the light rain.

I was waiting for the red light when her small hands appeared from my back and hugged me tight, “You idiot! At least you can wait for me before running like a thief! If it’s not because you stopped here–thanks god there’s a traffic light here– I would never catch you up!”
A small laugh slip out from my lips. I pulled her next to me and patted her head that covered by my jacket’s hood.

After the light turned green, I grabbed her hand and, again, running as fast as I could, leaving her moaning in my back. She never likes running, ever.

Until finally she wasn’t able to move anymore and the rain got heavier, we decided to drop in a nearest store. It appeared to be a cafe, with tons of flowers welcoming us at the front door, which made her smiling from ear to ear.

A pony-tailed girl with an apron approached us, “Welcome to Armonia, anything I can help?” the sweet scent of chocolate can be smelled from her, making the girl in my jacket smiled even wider. Her eyes rapidly read the whole menu book and cheerfully ordered something. After that, she waved at me to come in. I shake my head, my wet clothes will only ruin the floor.

I placed my sight to the bunch of flower, it seems that they are for sale. My sense was tickled when I see something unusual to be found in a flower shop, the white asphodel, which take away my consciousness to the past. The endless regret start to consume me again.

Time flowed by as I only stand there, looking at nowhere.

“Look! The rain has stopped! Lets go home~!” my hand was grabbed and pulled outside the cafe. My mind forcefully kidnapped from my thoughts, back to present.

Her sweet brown hair moved freely as she walked,  still with her ear-to-ear-smile on her face. A perfectly arched rainbow appear just right in her sight, as if affected by her positive aura, as well as the chirping birds that fly around her, with the nice, cool wind and the fragrant of rain still covering all our senses.

It felt somehow so peaceful.

Happiness, huh?


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