The forgotten snow dust…

Diamond and Gold

I see a diamond, far far away, in the end of the sea. It softly sparkles, giving me some light of its, even though there’s a storm in the place where it belongs.

I really adore it. Sometimes I even wish that it’s somewhere nearby where I can admire it closer.

Yet it’s posessed by someone. Even though I were next to it, it’s still wont be mine. And I’m pretty sure that… even the diamond itself will enjoy it more… being with that certain someone.

But I yearn to touch it. I want to be near it. Even just once, for the first and the last. Just for a moment for me to enjoy it’s existence. Will it be possible?

And there is also a gold, softly shining, trying to embrace me. Unlike the diamond, the gold is not that far. I don’t have to cross the sea and fight the krakens to reach it. There’s still some distance between us, though.

Who owns that gold? I’m not sure. I hope I’m the one with it though, considering what we’ve been through together. Yet I’m still not sure whether it want to be mine or not… I thought so… So I guess I can tell you that it’s mine, I wish.

Which are more important? I also can’t tell. For I know the exact amount of the gold, yet I know none about the diamond. Since the diamond is too far away for me to clearly see. And it’s always been my habit to see something I don’t have as more precious than something in my hand. So I can’t really tell.

A diamond in the end of the sea. I really want to reach it. But if that means I have to let go the gold I possess, ain’t that a mistake? As if I do it, I’ll only repeat my mistake, or even making a worse mistake.

Neighbour’s grass is always seems greener, but how can I tell that it’s not a plastic grass that will kill my breath?


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