The forgotten snow dust…

Stop ticking!

Stop ticking, time!
I’ll give you any dime.
Don’t leave me!
Accompany me ’til you’re mine!

Unclear future, such a vulture.
Do you really expect me to survive?
Bright culture, not tainted with sulfur.
Don’t you remember I was only five?

Present is a gift, filled with poison.
Just pursue it a bit, and you’ll know the reason.
Past is a curse, a never ending mourn.
Try being in its course, and you’ll never return.
And future? What will it holds?
A fragile structure, far from what I’m told.

Stop ticking, time!
Cover me with your grime.
Bind me with your vine.
Be with me ’til you’re mine!

I want the solitude, to be understood.
Where is the peace? The long lasting mood.
If I try piece by piece, can it do any good?
If I act nice, will I have loads of loot?

Delusion, fills me with poison.
Aggression, don’t want to reason.
How about not pushing me away from the mourn?
Since you know I will always return.
It’s my own burden, not yours to be held.
The only sound in my mind, and I will never tell.

Stop ticking, time!
Stop ticking!


2 responses

  1. how can I stop this tick-tock times?

    23 September 2013 at 7:57 pm

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