The forgotten snow dust…

Happy birthday, doomsday!

It’s been a year since the end happen.
How are you right there, my dearest snow?
I know very well that the air today is only a part of you.
I hope the rest of you linger in northern promenade’s peace.

But… you know, the air breath the same life as you before.
She still live within the cold, eternally dancing with the blue.
She is you and your star combined, the white and black joined.
But it doesn’t mean that she can replace you.

It’s been a year. How are you, my snow?
Even the joker lost her mood to throw the deck.
The masked priest shouted for your name.
The white bishop cried for you.
The blue haired templar blindly searched for you.
The nameless knight looked for you in every corner of Altera.
And the ice summoner who prayed for you in the lake of blue moon.
As for the air… she is always asking about your tale…
We know you are there, but you don’t. It’s different. Where are you?

Don’t fall to the abyss, my snow, it’s not your place.
Don’t stay there any longer.

It’s been a year.
How are you, my snow?
May you always be hugged by the happiness.


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