The forgotten snow dust…

Taken from the Bliss

Have you ever feel like living in several existence at once? Well, everybody do, I know. But that’s not what I mean.

Yesterday I wasn’t here. I was back in my room, hiding under the cozy blanket, too afraid to see anywhere but the wall. Horrible.
But now here I am, being in fragile bliss. Far far away from every fear that chases, every chain that binds.
And in hours, I’ll be back again to that place. A ‘reality’, they said. Which I don’t wish so.

I hate myself for being unable to support my very own life.
I hate myself who chose this path.
I hate myself who is unable to speak nor mute.

I only have minutes left in my bliss.
No, I’m already a distance away from it. In this metal capsule, I can’t reach it anymore, even if I’m technically still there.

When will I have the chance again?
When can I totally leave that horrifying so-called-‘reality’?


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