The forgotten snow dust…

What’s the point of caring?

What’s the point of continuing the journey when you know you won’t succeed? It’s not even worth trying. You can always do anything else with those time. Anything else that won’t kill you nor leave you suffer just like this.

You’re too caring, you know.

It’s important not to care, especially in a world as barren as this. You don’t even need any. None will return it anyway, else than a little bit tiny moment of “that’s very kind of you!” and forget it rightaway.
No simple kindness will be really remembered. Except you do something as big as makin moon an environment suitable for living, maybe? But it too will be forgotten soon after.

They are, you are, all a parasite. Living in a sole soil and draining every single life it has. You’re able to not care about this, yet why can’t you forget the other?

What’s the point of trying when you know it will only be rejection?
Even simple things as speaking up your mind is now something you’re unable to do
But the previous point is not bad, actually, no one deserves your trust.

I know you will choose your fantasy more than reality if you’re able to choose. I always pray for that, for you. I know you won’t even mind losing a limb or two for that ‘wonderful’ dreams of yours to be true. Oh wait, I forget that it’s even one of your dream. Pardon me for that.
Accident. Coma. Deaf. Mute. Blind. Disabled. Death.
I know it’s all your dream, one of above and another gain following.
And I know that you know very well that none of it will happen. Not in this dull world called ‘life’.

“A (semi-)fantasy should remain (semi-)fantasy. None of them shall realize themself, making themself a substance called reality.”
Behind those words you hide. Making a thick clear line between your real life and your life of dream. Silently crying, meddling in regret.

You don’t look at people’s eyes except some, not even bother remembering, or even seeing, their face. That’s a good thing. Now the only thing you have to do is to stop hearing their tone in voice. You don’t need it. You’ll find more peace and I can guarantee it. All you need is to follow my lead.

And I will surely leave you behind.

I’m well aware that you’re too slow. I know you do too. But you will follow me anyway.
A desperate creature like you only need a thing, a shiny thread of cobweb to hang on to. Without caring, without wondering if it can hold, is willing to hold, you or not. Which is good. You shall not care, you don’t need to. It’s a completely useless emotion when you have me. You know that I love you some much, I bet. So much that I want to push you down to the abyss and let you be mine and mine only. Devouring your mind before you even realize and we will always be together forever! I know you wouldn’t mind. You would, will, just close your eyes and smile in the fall, enjoying the force of gravity taking control of the body you cannot own.
But sadly I can’t, I still can’t.
I still need you more than you know. I can’t live without you, my only love.
So thus I pray, for your safety, for your happiness.

Forget everything.
You don’t need anything.
You’re not alive.
You’re not dead.
Just wait.
Patiently wait.

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