The forgotten snow dust…

Daily Routine

I wake up as always, lazily open my eyes.
Let’s think about the free fall!
I overslept. What a dumb me.
How it’d be fun, just feel the wind rushing you all.
You don’t deserve to live, dumb me.
And don’t forget when you reach the ground.
Why don’t you just die? Or don’t be born at all
Splattered all over,  a feast for the hounds.
I’d love to.
I’d love to.

And then I get up, up to the bathroom.
Oh, look. The shelves will be broken, hit me in the head.
Washing my face, look at the mirror.
I will look really good, not anymore need that head.

Go get my breakfast, pick up some meals.
How will it kill me? Only unhealthy food that will corrupt me slowly?
I sip my drink, a nice cup of milk.
Or will it be poisoning? Like I always read.

I walk back to my empty room, wearing up some clothes.
Someone is here, ready to kill.
Put things in my bag, heavy as hell.
He put something in my bag. Or maybe just stab me, I don’t need to beg.

I get out of my house, saying goodbye.
Or maybe he’ll take his chance by now? When the guard is low.
I open the gate and start walking by.
Does he hides behind those car? Ready to get me when I don’t care?

I walk into the bus, searching for a comfortable seat.
Will it crash? Hope I’d be pretty crushed.
I look at the other people sharing the bus.
Will they rob me? And afterward, kill me?

And quickly jump out when I arrived.
The motorcycle will run into me, it will.
I cross the street.
Or that truck will also do well.

Boring day at the class, shitty tasks and mates.
A group of terrorist will come in, take over the class.
I act a good girl, happily chat and write.
Then I’d be a hero, sacrificing myself dead for other’s safety.

Classes goes by, but the heaviness will still stay.
Or a ghost messed up the class, kills everyone in glance.
It’s not yet a go home time, bored as fuck.
Or I’m possessed. Have my body taken over.

What time is it? I’ve started to freak out.
Or maybe I’ll break a seal or something.
I’ve been too long outside. Around creatures I hate the most.
And then they start lurking. Haunting and hunting.

It’s finally time to go out, I run away as fast as I can.
Then they will find me welcoming them.
I feel so suffocated.
And they follow me everywhere.
I grab myself some treat, a nice warm tea, calming my nerves.
They‘re the one making it warm. I ordered the iced tea.

Then I walk home, catch bus and walk.
They‘re around me. They want ‘me
Get in the house, then free fall to the bed.
They floats around, giving chills.
I close my eyes, I can see them.
They want me to give up.

But I’ve already given up.

I open my eyes, they’re gone again.
Heavily sigh. I want them around.
I’ll give everything, literally everything, I have.
Don’t go away. Be around me.
Take me. Paralyze me. Devour  me.

Please don’t go

Pretty please?

I have nobody else.

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