The forgotten snow dust…

I’m Not Needed Anymore, Right?

What is this?

This sudden feel of loneliness.
Anxiety, insecure, depression.
It never feel this heavy.
It’s never a burden.
They’re usually friends. Accompany me wherever I go.

What is this?

Why can’t I normally breathe?
What with this headache? This dizziness?

It was just me, living my day like always.
And then suddenly they’re here, pushing me down.

What’s wrong?

People start to learn things I can do.
They want to replace me?
I’m not needed anymore?

I have to get it.
I have to have it done.
I have to clear it.
I have to do more things.
I have to be able to do everything alone, everything.
I have to be able to survive without people.
I have to do more.
More. More. More.


I don’t need my other life, anyway.
I don’t need people, anyway.

I don’t need them…

I don’t.

I… don’t…



I’m… lonely…
Does it really have to be like this?


2 responses

  1. nyorooon~ /apa

    16 July 2014 at 1:44 am

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