The forgotten snow dust…


We are one.
Inseparable as the two sides of the coin, 
Yet we are two.
Different. As easy as telling which is day and which is night.

You and your adorable light.
Even strangers attracted to it, the warmth that rotates around your smile.
Your cute grin, as if there’s nothing bad ever happen.
Your disappointed gaze, as you pull me out, crying for help.

Don’t you know I only wish for your safety? For that radiating happiness?
Don’t you know I never wish to see those tears?
Don’t you know how hard it is, to not being able to hug you no matter how much I want to comfort you?
Don’t you know how painful it is, looking at the gloomy you, silently crying on the dark corner. Trying to hide those tears.

Don’t you know how much I love you?

You and your embracing darkness.
Repelling others away, just the way you want it to be.

Why do you have to be so cold?
Not everyone is the same. People have their own good sides, you know?

What with that look on your face? Why does it always look like you pity me?
I don’t need that.
It’s not that bad being able to chat with people.
Why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know how much I worried about you?

I simply don’t want people to know me, it’s too bothersome.
People spend all their lives ignoring me. Why should I care about them?
I don’t give a damn to humanity. Humans should die anyway, why do they even exist in the first place?
No. People don’t talk to me. I don’t talk to people. It ends here.

You’ve helped others and they back stab you after that.
Then why are you still helping random people?
It’s not like they will change.
Do you really like hurting me that much? I can’t unsee that forced smile with teary eyes of yours, you know.

Just go away from people. They’re all bad. Alone is the best.

It’s fun meeting people you know here and there.
The more the merrier, right? I can’t stand strangers too, but I love surrounded by my friends.
As for strangers, why does it that wrong to help people you don’t know?
It’s not like EVERY people is the same. Don’t you know how happy it is seeing a grateful face with a thank you from the person you help?

Well… some are mean indeed…
I can’t stand them too. I don’t want to see them.
But it’s not everyone. Not everyone! 
I… just want more accompany… I just want more friend, more people to share to. More hugs to give and receive.

Is it that wrong to wish for other’s kindness even just a little bit?

You’re lonely, don’t you know it?
That little palace of yours, slightly trembles time by time.
Will our tiny shrine stays alive?
Will we lose control of everything?

I know we’re at our limit. 
I know you need a hug I can’t give, a shoulder to cry on.
I know we can’t have it.
Will we really survive?

I somehow doubt it.


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