The forgotten snow dust…

The Nice Light

Past midnight. 2:09
There’s something I must do
But I don’t wish to
I don’t mind doing what I have to do today
But I don’t want to do what I have to tomorrow
And it makes me bad tempered

It’s now 2:13
I’m already in bed, prepared to sleep
Light is off and it’s mostly dark
Yet I don’t want to sleep

I really want to embrace this darknes
As this not happen every time
I perfect amount of darkness
Exactly like what I am

Darkness is good, darkness is kind
If only no one penetrate my mind with the fake story
I wouldn’t mind letting it hugs me tight

Should I inform you?
Should I tell you?
I have to sleep
As if I have nothing to do
As if I don’t want to enjoy the dark anymore

I have to sleep
I have to sleep
I have to…


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