The forgotten snow dust…

I simply want an accompany

When you’re now a routine and it’s not complete without you.
It’s not like I want to know you more or anything. It’s simply a routine, I do that automaticly, I’m started to be used to it.

Really. I really have no intention, not even a bit. The succubus isn’t awake, you’re able to keep her in her slumber untouched.
How can you even do that?

Curiousity kills sanity. That’s what always happen, again and again. Curiousity is the troublemaker.
Yet you managed not to lure it out, not to that forbidden way.

I simply want a chat.
I simply want an accompany.

The envy is still there though. I always want a family-like friends. And you’re there with them.
And none of you forbid me to be around.
How can I reject?

I simply want an accompany, and now you’re around. Moreover when my own group mostly talking only to each other’s hands. How don’t you a bliss?

So here I am, doing my routine.
I simply want an accompany…


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