The forgotten snow dust…

It’s Now Us

Now it looks like we’re a different person. I and me.
I’d love dissolve. Me’d like to exist.
I distrusts everyone. Me wants to get close to everyone.
I hates every morning that come. Me greets everyone, “morning!”
I can’t breath being around people. Me screams in pain without people.
I is a vain. Me is a treasure.
People wish I isn’t there. People search for me.

Me is always more valuable than I.
Yet why should I lead?
Can’t I just give the baton to me?
Ain’t me I?
Ain’t I me?
Aren’t we one?
Why are we far so different? North and south. Winter and summer. Cold and warmth. Hate and love. Depression and joy.

Kill I.
Pass me the lead.


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