The forgotten snow dust…


What do I actually want?

Give me affection, as much as possible. I need it all.
Leave me alone. I need a space to  take a breath.
I’m bored. I need something to do.
Why do you even ask me to do that? It’s way too troublesome.
Don’t get too close to me! We’re just met!
Why do you make a gap like that? I want to know you more.
I don’t wanna care anymore. Just let them get it.
How can they get it but I don’t?! It’s unfair!
That is sooo coool! I need to get it ASAP!
Why did I spend anything for this junk?
I belong here, I’ll make friend with everyone!
I have no friend.
I won’t mind spending eternity doing this.
Why do I even alive?


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